An Open Love Letter to Women

Dearly Beloved,

I know your pain. I can feel it, and I’m well aware of it.

I know you are upset with the Masculine. You’re upset with how men have treated you…

In many ways men have abandoned you, and in some ways abused you. You are aware that women in the past thousands and thousands of years have felt the same, call it the collective Feminine.

You are angry at men, but you are healing this pain.

For a large part of your life you learned that love, the most precious thing to you, is dangerous and risky. You have experienced the deepest love, fantasy and obsession, only to later experience heartbreak and loss.

Then it happened again… And again.

“Will it ever end?” You ask yourself. “Will I ever meet my True Love? Or is it just fantasy?”

Sometimes you’re not sure, and it scares you to death.

…Let me tell you that I hear you and I see you. I understand, and yes I’m here for you.

I love you unconditionally with all of my heart, and I will never abandon you, no matter if you love me or not.

I will show you that everything is okay, and you have nothing to worry about. I promise you that.

God has a special plan for you, and it is grand.

I hope that you stop seeing love as heartbreaks and pain. I hope you start to see love as your joy, your greatest teacher, and the greatest gift in life.

I hope that you open your heart, even in the face of perceived danger. I hope that you act courageously with your love even when it seems like a risky investment.

I hope that you see romance as one of the greatest gifts of all. Even if it doesn’t live up to your highest expectations.

I hope that you see each love as stepping stones to your greatest potential.

I hope you receive it all now, because if not now, you will never truly experience it.

I hope that you let your attachments go. I hope you experience love now completely detached from outcome. Fully unconditional.

I want you to be free. Free to explore life, your dreams, and your fantasies. Please understand that there is NOTHING wrong with any of it.

At the same time, please consider that the attachment to and holding onto of anything (feelings, fantasies, dreams, stories, etc) is only egoic and will always lead to pain, separation, and further longing that will never truly satisfy you!

There are no exceptions to this.

Let it go.

Please understand the importance of being in the here and now, the only place where happiness and True Love can exist.

Know in your heart that everything is okay now. Look at the reality around you and what you have created for yourself. Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

You’re a true Queen!

Take it all in now and see that you’re perfect right where you’re at.

See this now moment as the greatest gift in the world. Feel and experience everything you ever dreamed of right now, as this is the only time you can ever feel it. See it as real, now. Receive it all. Feel it now, fully, and it is done.

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  • Klara Kazmi

    Beautiful! This moved me to the core. Thank you!