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  • Kevin Diamond

    Love this.

    Great questions. Great truth. We want to express ourselves fully in each moment and bring upon an abundance of health wealth and relationships because of this. (this being our ability to speak/live/move from our truth (centeredness).

    Great article 😉 Thanks Jack

  • Roman Korver

    Hey Jack, I’m working on this at the moment. The whole re-discovery of the natural state that is joy. All covered up by society and experiences. Shoving that all aside right now and focusing on what I want to see and experience, neglecting the things that I don’t want to see in my life.

    • Yes, man. It takes a great awareness to realize everything that is truly under your control. It is a constant journey of internal (often seeming external) exploration to experience yourself in different ways… Are you having fun with those flips lately? 😉