Elliott Hulse Interview, Why the Traditional American Path is Bullshit (podcast #18)


In Elliott’s words:

“I was at my height when I had nothing because all of my senses were excited to make something happen. It was do or die and I thrive in an environment of do or die…”

“I don’t do very well in comfort. A lot of people seek comfort. Me? I seek out discomfort because it’s during times of discomfort, during times of challenge, that we grow.”

“I think the idea of the ‘traditional American life-path’ is a fucking fantasy told to us by banks, corporations and the puppet government they use to brainwash us into debt and psychological slavery.

The ONLY realistic course of life, in my mind, is to do the exact OPPOSITE of what brainwashed masses are doing and carve a life for yourself that is a product of listening to your heart. This might not yield the kind of “successful life” that the world sees as fit… but it will be YOURS, it will genuine, it will be TRUE. By believing in Santa Claus, you get gifts! But are those really YOUR gifts?”


Learn more about Elliott Hulse and get tips on being the “strongest version of yourself” at his personal website and his incredibly popular YouTube channel.

In addition, learn how to release tension and connect the body and mind with his daily bio-energizer warm up routine. Included in this highly effective routine are “the bow,” ground reach, shake & vibrate, trust reach, deep knee bend, rollover reach, the scorpion, 90/90 stretches, and the warrior pound (ground pound).

I have tried this routine myself and found it to be highly effective at relieving stress & tension, circulating blood flow, releasing chronic holding patterns, and calming the mind.

As Elliott brilliantly explains in many of his YouTube videos, the body and the mind are intrinsically connected and thus it is important to challenge, take care of and improve your physical and mental performance on a daily basis.


The Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine:

The Bow:



Ground reach



Shake & Vibrate



Warrior pound (ground pound)


and much more!

Additionally, Elliott and I mentioned a “what I do when I’m depressed” video that he released on YouTube, towards the end of the interview. In this video Elliott “lost his mind” and expressed all of his inhibited emotions of frustration and anger.

I realized a very powerful point from the video: that it is widely unaccepted or strange in Western culture to show our true, uninhibited emotions.

Unfortunately, this way of behavior encourages us to bottle up our emotions into our bodies as chronic holding patterns and never express who we truly are (the above daily bio-energizer warm up routine can help greatly with this).

Here is a video explaining why Elliott released his “what I do when I’m depressed” video, and also his excellent insights on how to manage and express emotions and understand how the brain works.



Yet another enlightening video with Elliott is the one below. In this video he discusses the truth about sex drive and the undeniable duality in nature. He answers the question, “are men ONLY motivated by sex?” His analysis may surprise you.

“All of life is expressed by duality… Sexual energy brings us everything that we have.” – Elliott Hulse


I analyze this video in detail in a recent post.


By Jack Peterson

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