Free JP Sears Interview: How to Be An Ultra Spiritual Man PART 1

Want to learn more about who the man is behind JP Sears’ viral videos on YouTube?

JP Sears’ latest videos on YouTube are becoming increasingly popular and getting millions of views from people all around the world. Ranging from Ultra Spiritual, to going Gluten Intolerant, to using Ayahuasca, JP Sears’ videos are covering just about all mainstream spiritual topics.

Learn more about the real man behind the viral videos in the interview above.

In this video, JP Sears and I (Jack Rousseau) discuss:
1. 5 funny rumors about JP Sears
2. How JP Sears deals with his newfound fame on YouTube
3. How exploring your creativity on camera can enhance your relationship and your career!

And more!

In this interview, I quickly learned that JP Sears is the same humble, wise and goofy read-head I interviewed two years ago (before his spiritual videos really went viral). In fact, JP is one of the most down to earth people I know, and it’s really cool to see him stay grounded and connected to himself even when he’s getting tons of external attention on the internet, including potential offers to be on TV shows.

Thanks for being you, JP! I know I appreciate it, and I can bet your other hundreds of thousands of viewers do too.

Subscribe to JP Sears’s YouTube channel called AwakenWithJP (just search “JP Sears” on YouTube. You’ll find a whole library of hilarious videos from him).

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