3 Conscious and Sexy Women Reveal What Women Secretly Want…

And How to Cultivate Masculine Presence So That You Can Attract Your Perfect Woman

Do you ever sit at home alone feeling empty secretly wishing you would meet a compatible woman you could spend your life with?

Do you crave a compatible woman who has her life together, has similar interests as you and supports your mission?

Finding the right woman to spend your life with is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Are you going to continue to allow yourself to miss out on opportunities? It is time to get your romantic life handled for good.

3This simple and complete course will help you cultivate the core confidence and mature masculinity to attract and establish relationships with amazing and compatible women.

The content in this program has helped men sky-rocket their confidence, have more sex and increase success in their dating and romantic lives.

It is time to get you on the fast-track to attracting your perfect woman today.


In This Program You Will Discover…

>> The unknown biggest secrets on what sexy, conscious women want in a man

>> The hidden blueprint to attracting your perfect woman

>> The core principles of mature masculinity that will have people turning their heads at you

This is an exclusive online course that will give you the most powerful tools to attract your perfect woman.

It is time to bridge that gap between the man you are today and the man you know you have the potential of being.


Meet The Gorgeous Women Who Tell You EXACTLY What They Want In A Man And Give You The Secret Tips To Finally Attract Your Perfect Woman…


Alexi Panos

Alexi Panos

>> Alexi is a model, speaker, actress, author and renaissance woman. She’s beautiful, feminine and powerful. In this exclusive interview Alexi discusses what women REALLY want in men. We go into great detail on how to approach a gorgeous woman ANYWHERE even if you are frozen with fear and communicate your truth in a way that will have her talking with you for the rest of the day or night.


Sara Ness

Sara Ness

>> Sara is a beautiful conscious woman who is the head facilitator of a practice called Authentic Relating in Austin TX. It is a practice to communicate effectively and connect deeply with others. In the interview with Sara we go into great depth on ways to connect deeply with one another instantly and get on a mutual path of understanding to establish deep attraction and trust.


Ginger Kern

ginger kern peak potentials coach
Ginger Kern

>> Ginger is a Peak Potentials Coach for people with social anxiety or confidence issues. She works with both men and women. In this exclusive interview Ginger and I discuss The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Hold Men Back From Keeping Their Ideal Woman.


By The End Of This Program You Will Know The Secrets To…

>> Create a mature masculine presence so that you only attract the right women for you

>> The #1 mistake that repels your ideal woman – and how to be irresistible!

>> Communicate your authentic desires with a woman and have her talking with YOU for the rest of the night 

>> Establish deep connection and trust and feel the sparks with her

>> Resolve conflicts and avoid rejection with ease almost instantly

>> Know with absolute certainty if she is the right woman for you or if you need to move on


This Student Attracted His Dream Woman Within ONE WEEK (Not Even Kidding)!

(Watch the full testimonial in the video below)


Here’s What More Men Have to Say About This Program…


“The talk with Alexi was golden. During the talk, I had chills running down my back… This interview itself was worth every penny invested in this program.” – Calvin 




 “My girlfriend’s giving me lots of random sex. Quite a lot more! Earlier this summer it was hardly any of this stuff… This program has helped me avoid conflicts with her and stand my ground when she overreacts. She’s less critical of me now.” – Tim 



bj pivonka

“The content of this program is off the charts. You could easily charge $997 for this. Without question.” – BJ 






This Program Is For You If You Want to Have…

>> The confidence to approach any woman so you don’t miss out on “What could have been”!

>> Beautiful women look at and approach YOU

>> Women brag to their friends about how amazing you are

>> Out-of-your-league women say “Yes!” when you ask them out



Here’s What My Clients Have to Say…


dmitriy“A session with Jack awoke me to inner-conflicts and challenges that were holding me back in showing up as my full self – and through a brief conversation after, I resolved the conflicts with just a brief conversation!

For any man who feels like you are not reaching your full potential in your mission, with women, or with your self-love – I highly recommend a session with Jack. His experience, and his intuition will awaken and empower you.” – Dmitriy


902537_10151597033767597_672389092_o“Jack brings a new perspective to the world of what power can look like. He gives hope to men who perhaps see power in a certain way, like macho man, almost aggressive energy, but he has this subtle yet just as powerful if not more powerful energy that opens men up to a new possibility.” – Nathan




397140_2916982764613_164202634_n“Jack has help me gain improved clarity around who to approach and why… It’s hard to put a monetary value on it but in conjunction with a comprehensive learning plan expect it has saved years of potential anxiety. By following what Jack does in addition to following what he says has made a significant difference to me. In comparison to 3 psychologists that I used in the past 6 months his approach exceeded expectations.” – Glen



Wait, It Gets Better…


BONUS Videos: Expert Interviews

To give you even more value I added interviews from some of the best men in the industry. We cover topics such as emotional intelligence, personal development, attraction and dating.


1485987_599787336737634_522639490_oJP Sears is an inner coach and the creator of Inner Awakenings, Living A More Meaningful Life.

He discusses how to handle and deal with emotions such as anger to enhance your effectiveness in your career, and increase your attractiveness and power with women.



Guy Sengstock is the creator of Circling, a practice to deeply connect with other people through present moment awareness.

He discusses the power of presence in your every day life that enhances your ability to connect with those around you and have immediate deeper interactions that move past small-talk.


Rahul Bhambhani is a true master at relationships, and is also known as a Business Wizard. He has been my greatest mentor on my journey of becoming a mature and conscious masculine man.

He discusses how to have the ultimate freedom in life as a man, as well as how to deal with strong feelings such as anger and sadness to cultivate trust and deep respect with your woman.


Sign Up Today and Get Access To Your FREE Attract Your Perfect Woman Ignition Session ($497 value!)

In this personal 30 minute session with me, we will identify the fundamental blocks that are holding you back from attracting your perfect woman. Then we will map out specific action steps to implement to quickly attract your ideal woman by becoming a highly confident man.

Apply for your free Attract Your Perfect Woman Ignition Session here.

Committed applicants only. This is for you if you are fully committed to skyrocketing your confidence, enhancing your masculine power, and meeting your perfect woman. I am only able to offer for this within the first 7 days of your purchase.


What’s Your Investment?

What is your investment to FINALLY attracting the perfect woman for you?

Premium bootcamps can cost you upwards of $2,000 and $3,000. I charge $997+ per month for one-one-one coaching, because it’s truly transformational.

For the price of a few nights out for dinner and drinks you can get instant access to this incredible program and begin the path to finally attracting your perfect woman.

Have your dream conscious relationship with your Queen today.


Here’s A List of Everything You Get…

>> Six courses on how to attract your perfect woman ($997 value)
>> Access to private Facebook group ($97 value)
>> Masterclass Interviews with sexy conscious women and intimacy experts ($497 value)
>> A personal strategy session ($497 value)


Total $2,088

Today Just $500 (You Save $1,588!)

give me access button Your program will be available to you for instant download after payment add to cart


It’s 100% Risk Free – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

To make this decision a no-brainer for you, try the program at my risk for 60 days. If it doesn’t give you everything you need to know and do to completely transform your dating and relationships, I will give you a full refund – no questions asked. This insane deal is only available for a limited amount of time so take advantage of it now!logo_plain

Again Here’s A List Of Everything Included…

>> Six courses on how to attract your perfect woman ($997 value)
>> Instant access to private Facebook group ($97 value)
>> Masterclass Interviews with sexy conscious women and intimacy experts ($497 value)
>> A personal strategy session ($497 value)

Total $2,088

Today Just $500 (You Save $1,588!)

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Jack_hotThank you for your interest! I can’t wait to have you join the highly confident men tribe so that you can live truly confidently and freely, and have an incredible woman by your side. Sign up above, and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂


Very Sincerely,
– Jack (Rousseau) Peterson

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