How to Become a Confident, Well-Rounded Man: Tripp Kramer (podcast #9)



This is a very interesting interview I did with LA dating coach Tripp Kramer about masculinity, dating and honest relationships.

GUYS, you do NOT want to miss this one. And GIRLS you might find this intriguing as well.
In the interview we covered:

  1. Why there has been an emasculation of men in the past couple of decades?
  2. Why men aren’t getting in touch with their masculine side as much as we used to.
  3. Why “being yourself” isn’t good enough.
  4. How to enjoy life more and become more interesting.
  5. Dating:
    1. Where are the best places to meet girls?
    2. How to approach a cute girl at a bar?
    3. How to talk to a girl on the street
    4. What to do on the first and second dates.
    5. How to make it an exclusive relationship.
  6. How guys can avoid the “friend zone”
  7. How to have honest relationships
  8. Check out Tripp’s website here: 


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