Passion for Life = Masculinity = Sex Drive

Have you ever noticed that when you are more confident good things tend to happen? For example, maybe you are more productive at work, have better interactions throughout the day, have better workouts and just feel awesome overall?

More specifically, think about the best interactions you have had with women. I can guess that you were very confident, full of positive energy and “in the zone” when it occurred, right?

This is certainly no coincidence.

The general level of energy that you exude throughout the day is the core of your sexual presence as a human being. The more “life drive” you have, the more masculinity you embody.

In the book Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha, the author John Romaniello explains that sexual drive is the foundation of a man’s confidence and his ultimate success in life.

In the book he mentions an interesting study that was done with men. In the study, 300 men were questioned on a scale of 1-10 how good their skills were in bed. The results? All of the men scored themselves at 8 and above.

In the book, John concluded from this analysis that men hold their self worth and their “manhood” almost directly to their sexual skills and ability to satisfy the women in their lives. That is why they all scored themselves so high.

How’s that for a reality check?

Personally, I can relate to this. I have noticed in my life that my ability to attract the opposite sex greatly affects my feeling of pride and confidence as a man.

Furthermore, John discusses a particular relationship with a woman many years ago and how the connection between them fizzled out about a year into the relationship. Towards the end, they were only having sex once a month at most (a big change from multiple times a week in the first 6 months or so).

At one point his girlfriend asked him, “why don’t we have sex anymore?” John was slightly taken aback, but realized that he strangely didn’t have much interest in being intimate with her anymore. He also realized after the fact that it wasn’t her. It was him.

Later on after they parted ways, John became curious about his hormone levels and why he just wasn’t very interested in sex. He got his testosterone levels checked and realized that he had very low levels for his age (at mid 20’s).

This directly explains why his sex drive and general life drive was suffering. After all, hormones affect an astonishing amount of your life: your mental and physical health, your life drive (and thus your confidence), your ability to attract the opposite sex, performance in bed, and more.

“Hormones are key to everything. It is somewhat frightening just how much they come into play.” – John Romaniello

After this period, John’s motivation suffered even more and he began gaining weight. His life drive, and respectfully his sex drive, fizzled out.

 “Your sex drive and your general life drive come from the same place in the brain stem. Sex drive and ambition are intrinsically related.”


Like John, I have noticed this in my life. When my general passion for life increases, I attract more people and naturally more women into my life. My self confidence increases as well in all areas of my life.

When I have low passion for the things I am involved in, my confidence slowly dies and my success in every area of my life suffers.

A few years ago I was struggling with this. I noticed that I didn’t have a high sex drive at all. I thought something was wrong with me and, honestly, I was right.

I didn’t have passion for life and I was constricting my natural “life flow” in many ways:

1) I was not pursuing my passions and felt somewhat jailed in school. I didn’t enjoy taking classes that I wasn’t interested in (although I stayed focused and did it anyways).

2) I was not speaking up for myself and my honest ideas & opinions in my classes or around my peers. Social anxiety and fears greatly restricted me.

3) I was not communicating honestly with women. Asking a girl out on a date or simply communicating my interest to her felt a lot like facing death to me. My throat would tighten up and my palms would sweet even just thinking about it.

4) I was living mostly externally rather than internally. I did not take full responsibility for my life and projected my insecurities and fears onto other people and circumstances. I aimed to be what I “should” be instead of what I truly wanted to be. I was constantly comparing myself to others and putting myself down.

These were rather confusing times during my life but once I began to look within and forget about all things external is when the magic started to happen. I found passion from the inside and began to love and open up to others.

I found deep inner confidence that I never knew I had. I found my life drive.

Things have skyrocketed since then and I created this website and coaching business (my main passions) as well as amazing relationships with so many people.


So what are some ways you can increase your life drive for more passion and attractiveness? I highly recommend:

-Actively pursuing your passions: This instantly energizes you and gets you out of a “funk”

-Facing fears that hold you back: This takes courage but will ALWAYS boost your confidence even if you get rejected

-Maintaining optimal health with a solid nutrition and fitness regime (this speaks for itself)

-Steering clear from activities and people who bring you down: This only holds you back and de-energizes you

-Pouring love into your relationships with an open heart:  This helps you offer yourself more openly and break through barriers that may have held you back in the past


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By Jack Peterson

–High Conscious Man–



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