The Power Of Dating In The Now

conscious dating for menIf you’re not living fully in the present moment, you probably won’t meet your dream woman.

You’ll attract many types of interesting women, but likely they’ll be heartbreakers, gold diggers, or miss-matches in the end!

I’m not a dating coach per se, but I do help Highly Conscious Men attract their dream partner. This article is for you if you wish to:

  • Have a high level of masculine presence
  • Boost your self-confidence around women (and in any circumstance)
  • Feel more joy, passion, and excitement in  your relationships and dating life
  • Attract your dream woman coming from your place of power and presence

Every Highly Conscious Man has read Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now by now–you get that living in the present moment transports us to a new field of possibilities.

But most of us pop out of the now to get lost in the pain from the past, or in dreamy future fantasies.

Yet all moments, feelings, and thoughts are fleeting. Most of us have trouble living in the moment, and that’s okay, it’s part of the human experience.

The power of the present moment cannot be underestimated. This is where I see most smart successful men slip through the cracks.

Being truly present is particularly important if you are dating to attract your dream woman,

When we’re wanting to “get there” and “make it happen” in the space of relationships, spirituality and/or business… That’s okay, once again… But there is a more powerful zone where you can love the PROCESS and be so much in the moment to moment experience of getting there that you actually aren’t efforting to get there.

masculine presenceThis is where most men fail.

They constantly live in a state of future-based thinking.

They then focus on satisfying their future desires. They distract themselves from what’s really happening in the present moment.

I’ll see men dating a woman they THINK they feel passionate about because they’re so focused on how hot/smart/successful she is, but they ignore the fact that their gut feeling is telling them to run for the hills.

When men seek out a dream woman and they’re not checking in with the present moment: feeling into their heart, gut, and paying attention to how they feel in their body/aura, they’ll only align with dream-woman counterfeits!

Such men are likely on their way to painful breakups, or even future hairy divorces!

I constantly ask my clients to notice and check in with how they feel with women they date in each present moment.

We’re often so focused on holding a conversation, trying to impress, and put on the right moves that we can easily lose sight of how we actually feel around her.

Never let the present moment slip away, or your dream woman will too.

The master-level dating zone is when you’re so in love with the present moment that you’re not even trying to get anywhere with her.

But at the same time you are on the fast-track to actually getting EVERYTHING that you want.

It’s actually an effortless experience that unfolds naturally instead of a stressful experience filled with worry about how to make it happen (that’s the MUCH slower and painful route).

The time is now and the place is here, always. That’s the master level teaching. This is what many people call ‘the flow.’

Stay present my friends.

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