NEW: Exploring the Heroes Journey Show – Mondays at 4pm PST, 7pm EST

***Exploring the Heroes Journey Show*** Mondays at 4pm PST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST

Watch live every Monday at this link here


Max Mendoza and I will be launching a new four part talk show series on google hangouts focused on the ‘Heroes Journey.’

This show will be ideal for entrepreneurs and ambitious explorers who desire to slay their ‘dragons’ and live extraordinary lives. 

Have you ever felt deep down that you were meant to live not just a good… not just an enjoyable… but a spectacular life?

“On the other side of fear lies freedom.”

This show was created to inspire gifted individuals to set off on their own heroes journey and ultimately BE themselves fully without restrain.

On the show Max and I will discuss our own life adventures to ‘uncharted territories.’ We will be fiercely transparent with each other on the topics of life purpose, facing inner demons, relationships/sex, and abundance mindset.

Note: If highly vulnerable topics ‘make’ you feel uncomfortable, you may not want to watch this.

We will be getting down to the Truth of everything we discuss even if it makes us feel uneasy.

“On the other side of fear lies freedom.”

Here is the schedule, below. Mark your calendars!

>> Show #1: The departure (11-18-13)

>> Show #2: Refusal of the call (11-25-13)

>> Show #3: Supernatural aid (12-2-13)

>> Show #4: The crossing of the first threshold (12-9-13)

>> SPECIAL SURPRISE (to be announced)

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