The Stunning Truth About the Food You Eat: Author of the “Perfect Health Diet,” Paul Jaminet: PART 1 (podcast #10)

Paul Jaminet is the co-author of the Perfect Health Diet.

After years of chronic illnesses and health problems, Paul needed to make changes in his life. About 8 years ago he tried out the low-carb Paleo Diet and saw noticeable improvements but still some health issues remained. After more years of research, refining and experimentation he and his wife discovered the “perfect health diet” and successfully healed their health problems. They help hundreds, if not thousands of others do the same through their blog and book.

In the interview we covered:

  1. The Paleo Diet:
    1. Why it is unnatural for us to eat large amounts of wheat and beans
  2. Paul’s story with chronic illnesses:
    1. Antibiotics were not working. Doctors could not diagnose his symptoms
    2. They tried to alter his body. It would have been more effective if they believed in the body’s ability to heal itself
    3. He regained his health on his own by refining his diet and eating better
    4. He wrote Perfect Health Diet to help other’s heal their diseases
  3. Paul believes:
    1. We should trust in the body’s ability to heal itself
    2. We should cultivate a healthy diet and lifestyle and protect ourselves from toxins and diseases, instead of taking drugs and medicines to change our symptoms
  4. Medicine took a wrong turn about 60 years ago
    1. A lot of the time drugs sabatoge the human body and don’t cure the disease
  5. Four highly toxic foods: Wheat (grains), legumes, sugar and vegetable oils (SERIOUSLY!) 
    1. Wheat and legumes are quite toxic to the human digestion system. They are especially harmful when they make up 30% of your diet which is about the average amount for American’s
    2. Sugar has a lot of fructose which feeds bad bacteria in your gut and harms your digestive tract
    3. Vegetable oils are made from toxic seed waste and can be very harmful, especially when mixed with fructose (fruits, sugar and other sweet foods)
  6. Thanks to modern agriculture, “Food is the largest source of toxicity in our lives. We get a lot more toxins in our food than any environmental source.” 
  7. Check out Paul’s website here: 


By Jack Peterson

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  • PHD is my new favorite nutrition book and the plan that my family is now following and that I am recommending to my readers. I feel confident the Jaminets have found the answer to what humans were meant to eat.  Thank you for giving Paul and his book more exposure. Let’s spread the word and help make this a best seller!

    • FindYourGreatness

      @BeBrainFit That’s great! I’m glad you like it. It is my new favorite as well. Have you and your family experienced any significant health improvements after implementing PHD? 
      My intention is to spread the word as much as possible, my friend!

      • @FindYourGreatness The biggest changes I’ve had are:
        sleeping better
        not feeling hungry all the time – this is huge for me. I’ve been hungry since 1989 🙂
        not getting tired during the day
        improved digestion 
        better focus and mental clarity
        A big surprise was that I don’t miss my two biggest food addictions – wheat and so-called “energy bars”. I still have these in the house for one family member who is not doing PHD and I can honestly say I’m not longer even tempted! 
        You might enjoy my PHD review:
        Mom Was Right – Why “Meat & Potatoes” Diet May Be Best

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