Simple and Easy Paleo Recipes: Eggs and Diced Sweet Potatoes

Ever wanted to start eating healthier but didn’t know how or what to cook? Here is a simple, Paleo Diet friendly meal to try out!  You will get a good amount of protein, healthy fat and nutritious carbohydrates.



Eggs and Diced Sweet Potatoes


Total cook and preparation time: 7 minutes



1. Two or three cage free eggs

Photo Apr 04, 12 01 45 PM







2. 2tbs Kerrygold Garlic & Herb butter

Photo Apr 24, 12 29 25 PM







3. One half of medium sized sweet potato (two inches in diameter)

4. A handful of organic baby carrots

5. 1/2 cup of water (approximately)

6. Salt & pepper to taste


You will need: 

-Two small bowls

-One sharp knife

-One spoon/fork


Optional ingredients to increase deliciousness: 

-Coconut/olive oil

Photo Apr 04, 12 02 18 PM








-Put 1tbs (tablespoon) of Kerrygold Garlic & Herb butter in bowl #1. Crack open and add in 2-3 whole eggs. Fry in frying pan or place in microwave (if you don’t have time or a frying pan). In microwave cook for 20 seconds at a time, checking each time to see if the eggs white is cooked thoroughly while the egg yolks are still soft and tender (careful not to overcook). Take out of microwave when finished.

-Cut up sweet potato into small pieces (approximately 1 inch cubes or smaller). Put diced sweet potato and baby carrots in bowl. Fill up bowl with water so that the sweet potato slices are fully immersed. Boil on stove top or cook in microwave for 3 1/2 minutes.

Photo Apr 04, 12 03 58 PM -Take sweet potatoes out of microwave (use gloves or paper towels, it’s hot!) and poor out water into sink. Mix in 1bs of Kerrygold butter with the sweet potato until it is melted in. Add optional 1tbs of olive/coconut oil for extra deliciousness.

-Poor eggs from bowl #1 into bowl #2 and enjoy!






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