The Conscious Million Dollar Relationship 

I’m looking to support one more guy to create the conscious ‘million dollar relationship’ of his dreams: 
I know it’s tough these days in the dating world… And in some ways I’m so grateful I’m not in ‘the world of dating’ anymore. 

The search for the girl… The texting and call follow up… The first date… The texting and follow up… Maybe the second date if you’re lucky… 

Man, I went through years and years of failures… Trial and error. Making some progress but still getting stuck in fear and self doubt in my relationships and sex life. 

But to make a super long story short, I learned from a world-class mentor, committed to myself and my goals, and within a year I attracted the woman of my dreams. 

It was a journey that I’ll probably write a book about one day. 

Relationships and sex… Why is it so hard? 

Well, because you can’t hide in a true relationship. And as long as you hide, the less fulfilling relationships and sex will be for you, no exceptions. 

…In sex, when you’re literally stripped, raw and naked in front of another, you can only hide for so long, until you have to show your true colors, your shame and all. 

It’s in the moment when you have the conscious choice to unveil your dark side (the part of you that you like to keep secret) or run for the hills. Which are you choosing? 

Are you able to be vulnerable and show your true colors with women? Or do you flee or reject them before they can reject you? 

Are you proud of how you’re showing up in your relationships and sex life? Or are you kind of ‘pussing out’ (for lack of a better term)? 

It’s okay, man. I know it’s hard and I know most guys don’t even share their true feelings with each other. They’d rather get drunk and talk about the latest football game than even touch an emotion within them that brings discomfort or makes them feel weak. 

But weakness does not exist in true vulnerability. Only FREEDOM exists there. The average man doesn’t truly understand this. Not even close. 

When are you willing to face the truth and open yourself to another? Next week? Next year? 

That day never really comes does it… 

All we truly have is this moment right now. Change can only occur NOW. 

That’s right, not tomorrow nor any other day. 

Choose now. 

If you’re up for it, send me a message and let me know 1) WHY you want to upgrade your relationships and sex life, 2) WHAT you want to improve on, and 3) HOW valuable it would be to solve this area of life emotionally, mentally and financially. 

I’m offering one free Dream Woman Game Plan Session to the guy who’s deemed the most committed. 

Send your response in now before another guy beats you to it! 

Talk soon.

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