The Cry of Love: Entering the Sacred Heart

For everyone who feels like you’ve got something to lose, something to prove, or something to do; for the lovers, the haters, the givers, the takers, the helpers, and the instigators; for all of everyone everywhere and every when who goes through any kind of anything some way some how; for those of us who have it easy and don’t know it enough to appreciate it, and those who face hell every day and still smile as if they were in heaven; THANK GOD FOR YOU THAT I AM.

I thank God for giving me the strength and the wisdom to appreciate and accept every situation and every being as a part of myself that I Am as You Are. I stand in the openness of my human heart, feeling all that is to be felt to accept all that is to be accepted. I accept every being everywhere, every when, always. I accept myself fully as all beings are accepted through myself that I Am as You Are.

My passion is Universal. My purpose is Universal. My story is Universal. My struggle is Universal. My Love is Universal.

We share amongst us All that I Am as You Are the same Universal passion, purpose, story, struggle, and Love. Everything is shared. Everything happens. The reason is as clear and open as the eyes of your own heart.

I Am Universal. All beings are Universal. All beings have common ground. All beings relate. All beings are relative. All relationship is Universal.

I Am related to All beings as You Are. It takes One to be One. Only is there One. Through All the One is expressed and inspired. All Is One. We Are All One as I Am that I Am as You Are. I Am that I Am as You Are, the flower in your yard, and the furthest most star.

I love with my movements in total awareness as I express, life is a dance, a test and can be a mess if you can’t find it in yourself to invest your time within the heart inside your chest, limiting less to realize all is blessed and blissed in One Love and One Consciousness; THIS IS IT!

Life lives itself for us, by us, through us, within us, and without us. Everyone we are is always exactly where we need to be right now within this moment. You are needed right here where you are, wherever You Are that I Am; everywhere I Am that You Are is right here and now within this moment. I Am the Center of All as You Are. In the Center Heart of All Life, I Am that I Am as You Are.

I Am enough; whole within myself that I Am as You Are. I Am aware of my Body, I take possession of my Body fully. I Am aware of my Mind, I take possession of my Mind fully. I Am aware of my Spirit, I take possession of my Spirit fully.

I Am connected to myself fully as You Are; I Am myself fully aware through All that I Am as All that Is as You Are. I invoke Love upon my Body; I Am aware of my Body as Love. I invoke Love upon my Mind, I Am aware of my Mind as Love. I invoke Love upon my Spirit, I Am aware of my Spirit as Love.

My Body, Mind, and Spirit are One; I Am aware of my Body, Mind, and Spirit as One Love within and without Me that I Am as You Are.


It applies itself every time I acknowledge it as the true way of being and flowing naturally with the Self.

We grind up against everything taking as much as possible until we get taken from so much, and when we need it most, we ask, and when we ask, we receive, and when it is given, we then want to give to share the joy we received by receiving what is given.

I apply in to my life in every moment, every breath, and every footstep, I give my whole being to every movement and every none movement I experience in full growing awareness of my being.

I feel my connection through my entirety of existing; for I only exist in relationship with everything as myself also in contrast to no-thing at all; and endless relationship with Life as One Whole in a full on energy exchange of Itself.

Rhythmic Balance Interchange, meaning everything is always in balance by dancing, singing, loving, fighting, living and experiencing Itself through Everything as Everything while No-thing remains the Unchanging Awareness that witnesses the Illusion of It All.

We must ask for it with all of our being, our emotion cry for what we truly need in our hearts; Spirit/Creator/God/Love hears every cry~:)
And fulfills every need, always, all ways.


902681_10201544319226007_807559004_oAustin Seay is a photographer, artist, singer, writer, poet, dancer, a being of Love Light and Ascension, and needed wherever I Am. Follow him on Facebook here.

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