The New Masculinity for Modern Men: Mark Manson, Author of “Attract Women Through Honesty” (podcast #11)



Mark Manson is an ex-dating coach and world traveler who writes self-development books and articles for men on the topics of happiness, relationships, courage and honest communication at Here is the first half of a very interesting interview I recorded with him.

We covered:


1. Why the American culture reminds Mark of an “alcoholic brother.”
2. Why he thinks of wealth as a function of time.
3. The benefits of taking breaks from work.
4. Why Americans are poor at expressing gratitude and affection.
5. Why men feel like they’re “falling behind.”
6. What this quote means: “A man is to be surpassed, he is a bridge not a destination.”
7. Why the “road map” for masculinity laid out in previous generations is no longer sufficient.
8. Why being an “alpha male” isn’t what attracts women.
9. Why there is no longer going to be a clear divide with female and male roles.
10. How the duality between men and women is evolving.




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In the second interview we covered:


1. How to have “true human connection.”
2. How to deal with crippling social anxieties.
3. Why approaching an attractive woman intimidates most men.
4. The importance of being vulnerable
5. What qualities in people are universally attractive.
6. The importance of screening women that you meet.
7. Why men should clearly define their standards before getting serious with a girl.
8. Why it should be all about you in the beginning of a relationship.


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