The One Thing That Keeps Men From Attracting Their Perfect Woman

This article is right for you if:

1. You’re a smart, successful man who has the money and the career but you keep failing with women.

2. You feel like you should have your relationships and romantic life handled by now but you just don’t.

3. You’re serious about getting into a relationship but you just can’t seem to attract and keep the right woman.

In order to attract your perfect woman, you must face what I call your ‘mom issues.’

This is just the cold hard truth. The fact of the matter is, if you look at your intimate relationships with women, there’s no doubt that in many aspects you treat them like you treat your mother.

What are mom issues? Mom issues are unresolved emotional attachments and/or triggers you learned from your relationship with the one who birthed you.

Let’s go into further detail…

The moment your mother birthed you, you had no idea what was going on. You were a helpless baby gasping for air at the mercy of the external world, separate from the comfort of your mother’s womb.

From that point on, you learned everything about communicating, and ways of being from your mother and father. More than likely you learned the feminine perspective from your mother and the masculine perspective from your father.

Yes, sometimes women can be very masculine and men can be feminine, but for the purpose of this article we will focus strictly on the feminine, mom, side of things.

The truth is, your relationship with your mom is the foundation of ALL of your relationships with women.

The foundation of everything that you have learned since you came out of the womb (and even before that!) was taught to you by your mother. You learned your first words, how to go to the bathroom, how to eat, how to love, etc etc…

Portrait of happy mother and baby

Since you absorbed everything like a sponge (especially between the years of 0-7 years old), your relationship with your mom is directly correlated to your relationship with women and you tend to play out ‘mommy dynamics’ quite often in your romantic relationships with women.


Your mom dynamics are mostly unconscious.

You are likely unaware about nearly all of the energetic mom dynamics you still carry. You learned them at such a young age that they have become deeply embedded into your psychology.

Your mom dynamics have become automatic. It is very likely that you are COMPLETELY unaware of them as they play out in your relationships with women.

Let’s see if we can identify some together…

Think of a traumatic or highly emotional experience you had with your mom between the years of 1-7.

It could be when she left you crying at your first day of pre-school, when she spanked you for stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar, scolded you for doing something mischievous, or anything else.

Go back to your childhood and evaluate your most heightened experiences with her. These could be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experiences.

THESE experiences are the ones that shaped who you are today and how you behave emotionally in your most intimate relationships with women. If you remember anything, take a mental note of it or write it down now so you won’t forget it. This is important.


I hate to say it, but no matter how old you are, this still applies!

Even if you are forty years old, you could easily still have mom issues. In fact this could be the fundamental reason you aren’t connecting with the type of women you truly desire at your core.Talking with a child

The reason you may still have deep intimacy blocks is because these psychological habits have been deeply engrained in you since your childhood.

Even though you have decades of life experience now, it’s highly possible that you still play out inner boy dynamics with the women you interact with TODAY!

It is important to realize this now so that you can become aware of the truth of your behaviors. From here, you can begin to change your unconscious habits of the past, and form healthy relationship habits with women.


“How do I solve my mom issues so that I can attract my perfect woman?”

I’m glad you asked!

Here are 2 action steps that you can implement right away to solve your mom issues so that you can attract your perfect woman:

1. Get clear about your unconscious mom dynamics: Write in your journal, one page or more, exploring your early childhood mother dynamics in detail. Go back into the memory banks that were especially traumatic or emotional for you. Write about moments when you got triggered by her, as well as the times you looked up to her.

2. Get clear on how these behaviors show up in your romantic relationships: Write a list of 3-5 different ways that your mom dynamics show up in your past romantic relationships today.

Once you do the above two steps, you will become more aware of why you act and react in certain ways in your romantic relationships. You can then realize that it is only your inner boy playing out old dynamics with your mom.

You can now change the way you behave by simply laughing at yourself for treating your woman like your mom and then consciously change the pattern if you choose to do so.

As you begin changing the old patterns, you can then learn to be your true and authentic self, rather than a boyish, unconscious version.

Men who heal their mom issues are highly attractive to conscious women. You begin attracting a new caliber of women who are not attracted to you based on your past emotional charges towards your mom. It is truly you in the present moment that she is attracted to.

Do this work, and trust me, your woman will thank you.

men and their mothers

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  • Kevin Diamond

    Just bringing these dynamics to light (awareness) is so powerful in allowing yourself to choose a “pattern” that better suits you (or essentially reflects the t r u e you) 😉 Great article, thanks for the insights and itty bitty tips to bring these dynamics to our awareness. Very helpful 😉

    • Thanks brother! I’m glad you found this article valuable… Remember to apply the two action steps so you can embody what you’ve learned! 🙂

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