URGENT: A Message To All Men

I see SO many men today burying themselves in work, competition, and achievement, yet they avoid and procrastinate on what’s really important to them.

They work super hard and say things like, “I’m focusing on career right now,” or “I’ll be ready for my woman or [Insert True Desire] when I get my business/life together.”

I hate to say it men, but do you mind if I call you out?


These are more often than not, PATHETIC EXCUSES to believe when you’re simply SCARED, AFRAID, and DISEMPOWERED in life.

…David Deida discuses in his books how a man treats the world and his business exactly how he treats his woman.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

There truly is NO SEPARATION.

So, men, the next time you think or say something along the lines of, “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now,” or “I’ll be ready when I get my business together”…

Just realize that this may be another way of telling yourself, “I’M SCARED OF THE FEMININE and I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH.” Or even deeper, “I DONT TRUST MYSELF and I’d rather hide in my unfulfilling work to distract myself from ever facing my deep sadness.”

Yikes. Sometimes the truth hurts.

But it will always set you free.

Men, I’ve heard it all. Over the past two years I’ve spoken to hundreds of men on coaching calls… Good men. And I’ve heard all the excuses to why they’re simply not good enough to be their best self.

To be honest, it deeply saddens me, and I’m disappointed. Here are some of the excuses I’ve heard:

>> I’m too busy
>> I don’t have enough money
>> I’m not ready yet
>> I’m focusing on my business
>> I can’t
>> No thanks
>> Let me think about it

Or my favorite, “give me a few weeks…” Which turns out to be NEVER.

It’s heartbreaking to hear these limiting beliefs, men.

AND THE WOMEN ARE HEARTBROKEN TOO. That’s why they don’t trust you. That’s why they leave you (or that’s why you leave them).

The truth is, men, I DO believe in you. And all the women I’ve spoken to in the past few years believe in you too. They just need you to STEP UP.

In fact, they’re practically BEGGING you to step up.

They need you to…



Commit to the life you deserve. Commit to the love you deserve. Commit to the relationship you deserve.
Commit to your BEST, HIGHLY CONSCIOUS SELF that you deserve to become.

It’s time to stop pushing your fear and self-doubts under the rug. It’s time to FACE YOURSELF and face your shadow before you make positive progression towards your dream life.

It’s the only way.

And the time is now.

Get the SUPORT you need to start achieving your highest dreams.

DON’T be the guy on his deathbed with a laundry list of regrets…

There truly is no tomorrow. Heck, you could die walking across the street today.

Take your life into your own hands NOW, and experience the magical abundance that was and IS always yours.

Relationship abundance.
Sexual abundance.
Financial abundance.
Spiritual abundance.
Physical strength.
And more.

It’s all yours. Are you ready to CLAIM IT?

I’m looking for ONE MAN who is ready to STEP UP to become his best self, and to experience a 3-6 month transformation in all areas of his life that will last a lifetime.


If you are interested, contact me (at no risk) and let me know (1) why you are interested, (2) why you are ready to step up, (3) WHAT you commit to doing, (4) your annual income, and (5) why you are a good candidate.

If you qualify, we will then schedule a call to set up a ‘game plan’ for your life and your dream conscious relationship. I’m really good at this and I’ve helped men transform their life within days, no joke. This is also at no risk, is completely free and there will be no “up-sell” at the end of the call.

– Jack (Highly Conscious Man)

P.S. The only thing that holds the REAL YOU back is a disempowered version yourself. Are you going to let ‘him’ keep YOU small? Send me a message to defeat your demons today.

P.P.S. You ARE good enough and I believe in you, even if you don’t always believe in yourself. You got this, man. And I got you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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