What Is Love? (Conscious Rant 11-30-15)

So. This is a secret of what I do for fun on weekday nights at the end of a ‘work day’ (if you even cared). I’m going to pull back the curtains. 

I watch Matt Kahn, Bashar, and other personal development videos from spiritual masters on YouTube… 

That’s right. 

I LOVE this stuff. 

I LOVE learning deeper truths about life and our existence. 

I LOVE discovering news ways I can experience more fulfillment and joy in life. 

I LOVE finding ways to enhance my relationship(s) even more. 

I LOVE discovering ways I can be a better man, a better lover, a better brother, and better son and one day a better father. 

Shit, isn’t this what life’s all about???? 

…Let’s be honest. What’s really important in life? What are you valuing right now? 

Is it your job? The amount of money in your bank account? Your vacations? The amount of likes you get on Facebook? Going on dates with hot women? 

Let’s get real. 

In life, when you really get down to it, you’re only chasing FEELINGS of what you want. 

Yeah, I said it. 

Everything you desire comes down only to a feeling.

You want $1,000,000 in your bank account? Nope, what you really want is to feel abundant and safe at night. 

You want a really nice car? Nope, what you really want is to feel cool, important and accomplished around your peers. 

You want a hot woman? Nope, what you really want is to feel really turned on. 

You want more friends? Nope, what you really want is to end your feelings of loneliness and feel loved and appreciated. 

So let me ask you… 

What would bring you DIRECTLY what you are truly seeking? 

Well, if you search for it long enough you will ALWAYS find that its YOU that you are truly seeking. I hate to break it to you… That’s right, it’s your responsibility. 

It’s your own self love. Your own life force energy. 

The money that you were going to slave away for? That turned out to be COMMUNITY that you really wanted. 

That really nice car? That turned out to be your artistic expression that you really wanted to express. 

That super model girlfriend? That turned out to be deep, turned-on joy and connection you desired in your relationships (most importantly your relationship with yourself). 

You see, the truth of the matter is that we are ALL loved unconditionally. That’s why we’re such happy babies in our early years full of raw emotion and joy. 

That’s why our childhood years were so joyful, especially if we were raised by loving parents. 

So when does it all go so wrong? 
When we’re conditioned that somehow we’re not accepted for who we are. 

The truth is, we were all TAUGHT at some point by our parents, peers, and teachers that there was something wrong with us (but even more deeply, we taught this to ourselves). 

And maybe we did do something ‘bad,’ but even still, that’s created by human judgement which is entirely subjective and superficial. 
In an absolute sense, it’s not even real. We’re just these human creatures on this small planet flying in outer space. Who the heck cares what goes on here. 

“Only God can judge me.” 

Well, actually from a 5d perspective, God neither judges nor forgives. For God IS everything. 

It is only HUMANS who judge. The judging comes entirely from our CONDITIONED MINDS. And this judging often causes our greatest sufferings. 

If I dare say so myself, it is time to END the self judgement and judgements of others that sabotage our lives in so many ways (many of which your not aware of). 

So, it always starts with SELF LOVE. Self love will always lead to loving others. 

“My cup runneth over.” 

Fill your cup first, and you will naturally over flow into other’s cups. 

As they say on every flight, “Put your oxygen mask on first before you help the person next to you.” The logic behind this is, if you don’t put your oxygen mask on first, you might DIE before you have a chance to help those around you. 

This is a perfect example for how day to day life works. 

When you are always ‘helping’ others and ‘giving’ to others without getting your own needs met first, you’re actually exhausting aka KILLING your own life force energy, and after time NOT actually giving anything useful to everyone around you. 

You’re giving off your true energy in the moment, which is feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm and lack. 
Whereas if you go by the example and “put your oxygen mask on” first (aka self love), you are truly giving to others your PURE life-force energy that keeps giving and giving naturally. 

In fact, it’s effortless. 

You don’t even have to try to give. It just happens as long as you’re in the flow. 

Here’s an example… 

Let’s say you spend a week giving yourself what you really LOVE to do at night which is pure relaxation, watching your favorite show, and eating your favorite healthy food that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

Then on Friday night you go to a charity event. You feel so good and you naturally smile at everyone you walk by. You naturally feel inspired to contribute to the event by supporting the volunteers (in whatever way). 

Then you feel so good after helping others that you go talk to a gorgeous woman at the event, no hesitation. The interaction goes amazingly well and you get her number. Then you feel so good that you contribute $2,000 to charity just for the sake of giving! 
You see how LOVE and feeling really good creates more feelings of love and feeling good? PLUS, you make EVERYONE else around you feel a little bit better based on their level of receiving of your energy. 

This is how life as a human being works. 

It’s just… They don’t teach this in schools or the work environment to a great degree. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this inspired rant today. 

Go out and do things you love. Always aim for the fundamental FEELING that you want, and you will get everything you want in life. I promise you this. 

And if you don’t believe me, keep following my blog, posts, and podcasts. Or go watch some Matt Kahn or Bashar videos. 

I bet I can prove you wrong at some point. If not, that’s okay too. I’m not attached to it. 

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