The Fat Burning Man: Author and Health/Fitness Coach, Abel James (podcast #12)

A few years ago Abel James Bascom was at a low point in his life. His house burnt down and he lost everything. To make things worse, he was often sick and his general health headed for the worse.

One day he got serious about his health, started researching like a madman and quickly learned that everything he previously believed to be true about nutrition and fitness was completely wrong. He experimented for many years and found what works and brings real results. Fast forward to today and he is a bestselling author, health and fitness coach and host of the #1 Fat Burning Man show.

Here is what we covered in part 1 of the interview:

1:30  Abel has always been interested in health. He was raised in the backwoods of New Hampshire and his Mom was into alternative health and fringe thinking. His brother was an organic farmer.

2:05  He tried out a vegetarian diet for a while but once he got into his twenties, he ran into a lot of health problems.

3:10  After lots of research and experimentation he learned that he had to do exactly the opposite of what his doctors and health/fitness magazines were telling him to do!  He learned that you cannot go wrong with eating real food and following easy principles when it comes to fitness

4:20  Abel worked as a strategy consultant after college for food manufactures. “A lot of the higher ups at these companies wouldn’t even tough the products that they are marketing to their consumers.”

6:25  Foods with “all natural” labels does not really mean anything. It is just marketing techniques to try to get you to buy it.

7:45  Food corporation’s number one goal is increasing PROFITS so they can be accountable to shareholders. The nutritional quality of their products are much less important to them.  They make food that TASTES great but is often very harmful to consume.

9:25  The majority of our population does not know that wheat, legumes, sugar and vegetable oils are quite toxic. These foods were not readily available thousands of years ago and it is harmful to eat these on a normal basis.

“When you look at what humans should be eating based on evolutionary biology, the things that exist in the current food environment is completely out of line with what we are designed to eat.”

12:30  “People who eat wheat tend to out eat people who don’t eat wheat by 400 calories a day.”  Wheat consumption is directly correlated to the obesity rate in the US.

13:45  Change your eating HABITS and you can change your life.

14:35  “Bacon is part of a healthy diet.” That’s right you can eat bacon AND all the bacon fat and have excellent health. After all we have been eating food like this for hundreds of thousands of years.

“I eat bacon most days of the week and it hasn’t negatively effected me in any way that I have been able to identify.”

*Abel has a huge jar of bacon FAT in his cupboard.

18:00  Eating a high fat diet will give you steady energy throughout the day. Consuming a typical American diet with a lot of simple carbs will leave you feeling sluggish after each meal.

20:00  Where to get high quality meats?

22:20  We need to support local farmers because many of them are struggling. We need to “vote” for them by buying their products. The more we do this the more successful they will be and the more real food will be available.

“What we need to do is start penetrating conventional wisdom.”


Right now American farming is in a sorry state of affairs. Monoculture is NOT a long sustainable strategy for getting food to people in a healthy way. It’s this arms race with pesticides and chemicals and these rapidly evolving animals and creatures that are basically destroying the crops. We can keep it up as long as we keep poisoning our own food, but at some point it won’t work anymore.

What we really need to focus on is, instead of work against the environment work with it because when you have lots of different plants and animals in the same environment they benefit each other and they create healthier food for that environment as well as the people who are fed by it.

27:00   Food tastes WAY better when it is in the wild.

As soon as you pick something it is slowly dying… By the time you get an apple from South America or somewhere else across the world, it’s been dead and decaying for the past couple of weeks… By the time you actually eat it it is just kind of a reminder of what it once probably tasted like.

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Stay tuned for part 2 of the Abel James interview where we will discuss fat loss, fitness, intermittent fasting and meditation!

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